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Tips to start a job search in Lithuania

Lithuania, with its central Europe location, is pioneering in the start-up ecosystem and Fintech sector. It was ranked 11th in terms of ease of doing business in 2015 and Vilnius was listed at Top 10 Smart cities in the world by CNN.

In order to dive into the talent pool of Lithuania, it’s really important to get to know the platforms which can boost your chance of starting your career.

Here is the list of some main platforms for your job search:

  • CV Bankas: platform focuses on majorly small and medium-sized enterprises, with an easy setup page and short process of applying to the recruiters.
  • CV Online: a similar platform with clear instructions to apply for jobs in few steps.
  • Work in Lithuania: the platform is an initiative of the Foreign Investment Development Agency Invest Lithuania to accelerate the process of hiring talented employees and assist them in settling them as well.
  • Meet Frank: an innovative way of tailoring your profile to boost your employability and to connect the recruiters with you.

*Pro-tip: It will keep you updated with the current salary structure based on your work position and present you with more insights and also match your profile with the new openings.

It’s also highly recommended to have an updated LinkedIn profile as many recruiters will see the details during the background check.

More useful information you can find on this link:

For non-EU residents it’s really highly important to know the migration rules as well as the labor department’s regulations for getting a work permit post the completion of studies or switching in between jobs.

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