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Useful tips to find an accommodation in Lithuania if you are a foreigner

While moving into another country, one of the major concerns is finding accommodation, settling in a new city, looking for a nearby grocery or coffee shop, routing the route, and many little things that will be your new routine.

It’s really important to find a place that will be at your convenience with work or studies and an easy to access the city center or parks for your leisure time.

With the help of the following local platforms, you can look for apartments or houses in Lithuania, to begin with:

  • Aruodas: can check for a wide variety of apartments located in Lithuania, get a brief introduction of the apartment, and make a direct call to a Landlords for a visit. Important notes: this platform has an English version, although it was designed for locals, so most of the text in its ads is in Lithuanian language. Depending on a city in Lithuania, that you are searching a home, there is still a high chance, that Landlords will not be speaking or not willing to speak English, also some negativity to foreigners is also possible, so be prepared to that.
  • a platform designed for foreigners, to meet their expectations and requirements to make their new home in Vilnius, Kaunas or Klaipeda cities. Note: some apartments, found on this platform, might not be available at that time that you are making a search, so it is highly recommended to order a Home Search service form this company, as they will give you a full support, care and necessary information to you.
  • ,,, some localy designed ads platforms, where you also can make a search, although most of home rental ads will duplicate with Aruodas. Note: these platforms are designed mostly for locals, so there is no English versions of it.


Also, with Facebook groups you can search for rooms and meet the hosts or roommates, it has been quite popular among Erasmus students. (E.g Expats in Kaunas & Foreigners in Lithuania)


Useful tips and important things to note while agreeing with the landlord:

  • A signed copy of your contract/agreement in Lithuanian and English language is a must.
  • The landlord is aware of assisting you with the living declaration of the place, as it’s needed for your legal long-term stay in Lithuania.
  • Deposit payment is usually equal to 2 months of your rental payment.
  • 1st rental payment is paid on the first day of your moving in to your rented home.
  • Apartment acceptance/delivery deed should be signed and pictures of counters should be made on the first day of your moving into your rented home.
  • Never forget to make pictures of your rented home on the first day of moving in, as later it might be a proof during an argument with a Landlord about caused damages.
  • Utility taxes are always paid on the top of your rent for the past months.
  • You can inform your landlord about your decision to extend or end the lease before 30 days of your contract getting expired.


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